Grid Protection Device photovoltaic

Grid and plant protection changetec BISI according to VDE-AR-N 4105 in photovoltaic mode

changetec BISI is a protected, Europe-wide registered utility model at the German Patent Office. The measurement method for separate network identification is robust, passive and adaptive and it stabilizes the process of the decentralized customer generation plants.
The changetec BISI according to VDE AR N 4105 is basically suitable for all decentralized customer generation plants, which feed into the low-voltage grid.
Basically all tie breakers, which are offered from changetec, can be used. They need an integrated or plugged in auxiliary contact and a maximum activation current until 0.5A. The starting current of the tie breakers may be 5A (assumption: cosPHI at PV = 0.9). So the BISI can be connected directly to all tie breakers, if they have an activation current about 0.5A each contactor and a starting current until 5A. No additional auxiliary relay is required here!

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